E Type Bobbins

E Type – Female Buffer

Features an internal thread one side and a flat rubber face the other.

Buffers are usually fitted as non-metallic stops or incorporated in vehicle suspension systems to provide progressive stiffening under increasing load.

Typical uses:

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Electronics
  • Instrument panels
  • Small machine feet
  • Small motors and generators

E TYPE 295X295

The Bobbin Mount (or cylindrical mount) is one of the most versatile of all vibration isolators due to its simplicity and application.
Used for compression or shear loading, they provide optimum stability, resilience, anti-vibration and isolation efficiency.
We stock a wide range of shapes and sizes with various rubber hardnesses.


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See table below for standard sizes. More sizes available.

E type dims
Part Type Diameter D Height H Thread Shore
E 30 17 M8 40
E 30 17 M8 60
E 50 20 M10 40
E 50 36 M10 40
E 50 36 M10 60
E 50 40 M10 60
E 50 45 M10 60