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BUKH 24 DV marine diesel engine

Posted by Bev Cummings on February 19, 2018

Today a customer had a BUKH 24 DV engine weighing 223kg. He can either use RAB 2 or RAB 3 mounts – They will need 4 mounts with the RAB 2 taking maximum 105kg in weight each or RAB 3 taking maximum 70kg each.

His decision could be based on the static deflection:

RAB 2 = 1.75mm
RAB 3 = 2.75mm

Please see our page for RAB mounts to calculate your requirements.


We get some very interesting enquiries – please see the one below, we are making enquiries and trying to source this part:

‘I’m enquiring as to the availability of a bush used in the front suspension of Triumph Spitfire/Herald/GT6 etc. The only ones currently available are made in China and have the wrong sized hole through the middle – they only seem to possess metric drills, not imperial. The hole should be 3/8” and they are supplied with 10mm which is too much clearance.
It is a rubber bush with a steel inner but no outer. The ID is 3/8” (9.525mm), the length of the inner and the rubber is 1.5” (38.1mm) and the OD of the rubber is approx 0.835” (21mm).’

New Nuts and Bolts

Posted by dave on February 12, 2015

Please find below our brand new Product Datasheet.

av selection robush new

Click on the link below to view & download.

av selection robush new